Transferring old MAS 90/200 data to a new server (clean installation)

DISCLAIMER: This post assumes that both the source server and the destination server are windows servers. Once upon a time there was a UNIX version of MAS 90/200 but I’ve never had to administer that version so I cannot guarantee that any of this will work for it.

Here’s the scenario:

Your current server is dated and needs to be replaced; you need to move MAS 90/200 data to the new server, and you’d also like to keep your existing users/roles… basically you’d like to move the data with the least amount of trouble possible. To do this, the following conditions must first be met:

(1) Your new server has a clean installation of MAS 90/200.

(2) Both installations are the same version; they both have had the most recent service pack installed from Sage (which you can usually download from their support site however you’ll need an active account)

(3) The data on the old installation is at the appropriate level (i.e. it has been converted/updated to the format required by the latest update/service pack.)

(4) The MAS service has been stopped on both servers (this service can usually be found in the “Services” snap-in, within the Microsoft Management Console.)

If these conditions are met, then the only thing you should have to do is copy the following directories from the old MAS 90/200 directory (Usually something like: “C:\Program Files\Sage Software\MAS 200\Version4\MAS90”) to the MAS 90/200 directory on the new server:

(a) All “MAS_XXX” directories (where XXX is the 3 character company code)

(b) MAS_SYSTEM (yes, if asked to overwrite)

(c) MAS_USERS (yes, if asked to overwrite)

(d) Reports (yes, if asked to overwrite)

Depending on your environment, you may need to update the MAS client on each workstation. On my network, MAS runs in a terminal services environment so the only thing *I* need to do at this point is run Wksetup.exe from the MAS90Wksetup directory (one time only, on the new server).

Sometimes after running the workstation setup program, your users will get an error stating that you are out of licenses. To fix this, copy the following file:

C:\Program Files\Sage Software\MAS 200\Version4\MAS90\Home\Lib\Keys\activate.pvx


C:\Program Files\Sage Software\MAS 200 Client\Version4\MAS90\Home\Lib\Keys\activate.pvx”

Be sure to select “yes” if asked to overwrite the existing file.

That’s all there is to moving the data, however there is one problem you are likely to encounter:

Data location for company xxx is invalid

Or, when you try to access a module for a client, you’ll get an error message about certain modules not being activated. Just close the error message and check the following:

(1) Select ‘Utilities’ -> ‘Data File Display and Maintenance’ from the menu at the top of the screen and click ‘OK’ on the warning message that appears.

(2) Click the ‘Browse’ icon:

(3) You’ll need to navigate to the ‘\MAS_SYSTEM\SY_Company.M4T’ file, and click ‘Open’

(4) Then, at the bottom of the window, you’ll need to select the ‘Key Scan’ button in order to select the company that you’re having problems with:

(5) In the window that appears, look through the list of companies until you see the company that you’re trying to fix. Double-click the company, or, single-click the company and then click the ‘Select’ button.

(6) Now you should be back at the “Data File Display and Maintenance” window; click the ‘Edit’ button and select key #13 (AlternateDirectory$) from the drop-down menu:

Clear the data in the ‘Change’ field and select ‘OK’. Do the exact same thing for key #14 (AlternatePayrollDirectory$). When finished, just close the ‘Data File Display and Maintenance’ window by clicking the ‘x’ in the upper right-hand corner.

Repeat these steps for every client/company that you’re experiencing issues with. There are other errors that can occur, specifically this one:

Unable to spawn a new session. The command line required for the server process is too long

Instructions on how to address this, here.

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